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Last time on Community Music Hangout

🎶 CMH #47 🎶

After missing a week due to rain, the CMH gathered again on March, 10th, 2024. It was the 47th edition of the Hang. And it was – huge surprise – a great time! We gathered under partly sunny skies which became cloudier as the wind picked up later in the day. It was, I hope, the last time I had to bring my piano + extra gear out to the spot for quite a while. That’s because we’re getting a new piano at the spot on Tuesday! I look forward to meeting our new friend.
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We got off to a quick start with Hangout regulars Kyle, Joe, Rikki, and Brian there right from the top of the day. So we were off and rolling, reeling off songs and enjoying the morning turning into the afternoon. I’m always asking if people want to join in the playing or singing, and I had some strong early takers. We had Benji play the piano with his little girl on his lap. Cute! And Jay jumped in to play some cajon.
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We were moving right along when another Hangout regular showed up. Welcome back, Lilah! Plus, she brought a couple of songs she intended to play. Excellent. All of that – becoming a regular, and bringing your own songs to share – that’s all really encouraged at the Hangout! Good stuff. Around that time, Adam joined in the fun as well. We had a really nice rotation going at this point, with multiple piano players and singers. Fun! Around this time Nat showed up to the Hangout. Kyle and I know Nat from the jazz jams we do around town (Every Monday night at Waystone in North Beach!) and it was great to see her back at the Hang. Here she is singing Caravan. Plus check out that ripping bass solo from Kyle!
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A little while later, we met another new friend in percussionist Ange. Ange found the Hangout through San Francisco’s #1 Jam Connector: Nina Violina. She’s always sending her friends to the Hangout! Love it. Great contributions, Ange. Hope to see you again! Around this time, I noticed a lady who had stopped on her bike ride and was clearly singing along to all the songs. I went over to talk to her and try to bring her further into the event. She ended up taking the mic and singing beautifully for us! Awesome.
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Then, we saw one of our oldest piano friends in Sage! Good to see ya, dude. He jumped in the singing rotation and sounded great. Check him out below singing, “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger. But that’s not all! Soon, Gabe turned up with his euphonium. And so a whole bunch of people heard what can safely be described as unexpected euphonium solos! Great playing, Gabe!
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Around that time, another excellent player and singer took up the call to join the party! Joe, like Sonya and Benji before him – thought he was just out for a bike ride. Wrong! He was out to play some music with a bunch of friendly randos. He jumped on keys and sang some songs and it was a great addition. He kept staying for just one more song, and that’s kind of a trend. I love to see it. The Hangout is magnetic! Here he is singing “Basket case” by Green Day.
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It was nearly 4pm by the time we wound down at CMH #47. Another 4.5 hours of glorious outdoor musical exploration with friends old and new. I really enjoyed how we managed to pull some new folks off the fence. Whether they are playing or listening, it is a real treat to inject some surprise music into people’s day. I get a tremendous sense of fulfilment sharing the music, encouraging folks to join the party. We’ll be back again for a special St. Patrick’s Day edition of the CMH #48 on Sunday, March 17th from 11:30 – 2:30 at least.
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