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Last time on Community Music Hangout

🎶 CMH #31 🎶

On Sunday, September 17th, the Community Music Hangout gathered for the 31st time. After stepping out to the Night Market on Friday, we were back at our usual spot on JFK in Golden Gate Park. We were treated to a pleasant mix of sun, clouds, and pleasant breezes. It was a beautiful day to make some music in the park with friends new and old!
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This time around, we had a pretty standard start to the Hangout. Rikki and I rolled up moments after Sage and just before Brian and Zach. The five of us have spent many hangouts together; I feel lucky to have found this group of regulars. I am glad to know them all! With this quorum, we were off and running and reeling off songs. We had a few groups of people come up to the Hangout with picnics (I had sandwich envy).
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A bit later we met Brian’s friend Derek and he joined in for a few numbers. Then we saw newcomer-turned-regular Adam as well. Sarah biked up with her friend Bex and yet another delicious-smelling sandwich. So then I ate my lunch, which helped the sandwich envy only a bit. Nevertheless, we pressed on!
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As people happen by the Hangout, I tend to greet them and ask them if they play or sing. I’m always trying to pull people in, through means awkward and otherwise. This time around, newcomer Nathan gave a confident reply and hopped on the piano. He played fantastically! And he had just stumbled on the Hangout after seeing some music elsewhere in the park. I love that the CMH is the kind of thing that people find by accident and then realize that it’s something they need more of in their life! I feel the same way.
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Nathan and I traded songs for a while, and I really enjoyed when he jumped in to play solos duet style on the upper register while I played Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. It sounded great! And that’s what the CMH is all about. Jump in! If you hear something that you think would sound good, then let’s hear it! Around that time, Marvin biked up and jumped in on harmonica. Nice!
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It was after 4 PM by the time we started packing up. Another 4.5 hours of musical community building! Thank you every one who stopped by, everyone who hung out, everyone who played or sang or smiled. We’ll be back next for CMH #32 on Sunday, September 24th from 11:30 until at least 2:30 at the usual spot i.e. JFK @ Stow Lake Drive.
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