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🎶 CMH #30 🎶

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Community Music Hangout #30 met for a very special edition on Friday September 15th, 2023. We gathered for the first time on a Friday and for the first time outside of Golden Gate Park. The occasion was the Inaugural Sunset Night Market. We were so thrilled to be a part of this event and I can’t quite believe the scene that was created there. Our Supervisor, Joel Engardio, is to be commended for getting the ball rolling on this fantastic event. And Sunset Mercantile, local organizers of a very high caliber, did a brilliant job in producing the event. I really hope there are more of them in the future and that the Hangout can be a consistent feature!
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The conditions were overcast but not too windy. Frankly, there was no other possibility than fog for the first ever Sunset Night Market. But it was pleasant, especially with all the folks around producing heat and blocking wind. Setting up and kicking off at the Night Market presented a very different atmosphere than we typically find in the park. Instead of the quiet expanse of JFK backed by the passing sounds of birds and bicycles, Rikki and I set up our gear under the drone of the gas generator powering a nearby food stall and the curious eye of many early passersby.
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And then, once set up, it came time to break the silence. Which is a pretty awkward moment in an event like this. It takes a bit of courage to just…start being loud. And to turn on the enthusiasm. And just act as if. But that’s what I did. And before long, we were off and rolling. It was a huge help when Brian, Nick and Joe, and Adam showed up to join the party. With their help, we achieved liftoff! We even made it onto the local news!
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It was such a special feeling to look around and see so many people singing along, smiling, and having a great time in our neighborhood. The intersection of 20th and Irving is the heart of the neighborhood that we call home and being able to play music there is something I’ll never forget. And hey look, we made it on the local news! I’m really proud of what we’re building together at the Community Music Hangout.
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We were also treated to a few songs by the duo of Shijie and Tamiko. Thank you both! A little while later, a couple of fellas stepped up to the Hangout to say that they would be right back, they were going to run home and grab their instruments! Awesome news. And that’s how Bernard, Richard, and Victor came to lead us through a few jams. Check out the video for a sample of their contribution. Thanks for stopping by, guys! Hope to see you again at the Hangout.
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As the Hangout rolled along, the Night Market got more and more busy. We couldn’t believe the crowds! They say that roughly 10,000 people attended from 5 – 10 PM. We stopped at 7 but Rikki and Brian and I hung around for a while longer. We took quite a bit of extra gear to be able to put the show on and Brian was a huge help in breaking down and hauling our gear back home. Thank you! And now, as I write this, I’m gearing up to do it again for CMH #31 on Sunday September 17th from 11:30 until east least 2:30 on JFK at Stow Lake Drive!
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