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Last time on Community Music Hangout

🎶 CMH #27 🎶

Community Music Hangout #27 gathered on Sunday August 27th, 2023. We began under the marine layer, but with a halo of sun visible through it, we knew we’d see blue skies before long. And we did! The day turned breezy and gorgeous, very fine conditions to share a few hours of music with friends new and old. As Rikki set up, she found a quilted heart hanging on the back of a chair. We learned that it was from a community of volunteers who place small quilted hearts around the globe to brighten the day of a stranger. How nice! A kindred community to the CMH, to be sure!

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To get things started, Joe biked up to join Rikki and I. Through the magic of bungee, Joe was able to strap his cajon to his bike and provide some early percussion to the Hangout. Soon, Nina turned up, and then Sage biked up and we were well on our way to a quorum. Next, Michael made a fine return to the Hangout and we played a few tunes. I particularly enjoyed playing “All of Me”, check out the video!
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And then we were really on a roll; we met a bunch of new faces, voices and players! We met Helen, Brian, Michelle and Cornelia. We saw Marvin again after many months! We met Chris and Jillian, and they definitely won “best dressed” at CMH #27! And we met Aidan who throughout the day played cello, piano, and melodica. Great jamming with you, dude! We also met Brian, and helped him recapture the glory of his high school band by playing some Green Day.
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And we saw Alex again. I met him early in the spring around one of the park pianos and it was great to see him again. I forgot how well that dude plays and sings! Check out the video above of Alex playing his original song “Petrified”. It was an electric performance of an excellent composition. We really saw a ton of familiar faces this time around! Next up was Diego! Great playing, as always, young man.
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In a day of highlights, one that stands out was Chris bringing his homemade synthesizer called The Wiggler to the Hangout! We’ve seen a number of different instruments at the CMH, but this was a first. The Wiggler is a very cool project and it was a treat to learn about it and see it in action. Read more about this excellent device at @SoundWerkshop.
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The Hangout kept on going and going until around 3:30. By that point, all the sun and all the playing was getting to us. So Rikki and I packed up and wheeled homeward. I know I say this a lot, but #27 was the best one yet! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making another special musical day. We’ll see you again on Sunday September (SEPTEMBER?!) 3rd, from 11:30 until at least 2:30 on JFK at Stow Lake Drive.
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