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Last time on Community Music Hangout

🎶 CMH #23 🎶

The 23rd meeting of the Community Music Hangout took place on Sunday July 30th at Carly i.e. the west piano on JFK. For this gathering, the day started with ample marine layer and a steady breeze. Yet as the day wore on, the clouds burned off and the sun shone down!
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Carly started the day with many sticky notes and was not very playable until around 12:30. But with the increased temperatures / lower relative humidity, she came good! It’s remarkable how resilient she can be. The experience of coaxing a troublesome piano into playability and never knowing quite what we’ll find when we show up to the hangout has been a good lesson in taking nothing for granted and appreciating every good note!
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This time around, we saw a bunch of familiar faces. It often feels like the Hangout is happening in our shared outdoor living room. Who will stop by? We don’t know who but we know we will be glad to see ‘em! And it’s especially delightful because we all met each other around the piano. So, if you’re reading this, know that you, too, could step into the living room and become a regular! We’d love to see ya.
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This week, Zach was back with his drums! It’s a lot of fun to have his drumming around providing the backbeat. It opens up a lot more options on the piano. Thanks for schlepping the kit over, Zach! And thanks for letting me take a turn on the kit! I don’t really play drums, so that was fun.
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This week we met Katie who brought a fiddle to the hangout. That was a cool thing to do; we hope to see her again at the hangouts in the future! And we saw Lief again, and he joined in on ukulele and covered some piano as well. And he brought Emma back too. Nick was back to hang with his guitar. And Brett was back with his typewriter! Excellent. Rikki was back on vocals! Brian biked up as well! Many thanks to everyone who has made the hangout a part of their weekend routine! You all make this event what it is.
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By the time the hangout wound down, it was around 3 o’clock. We racked up 5 hours of goodness at the hangout. Truth be told, the sun was wearing on me by the time we shut ‘er down. I was grateful for it, but also tired from it. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and hung out for #23! We’ll see you next week on SUNDAY Aug 6th from 11 until at least 2 on JFK at Stow Lake Drive i.e. Carly i.e. The West Piano!
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