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🎶 CMH #16 🎶

good times
The 16th Community Music Hangout happened on Sunday June 4th at Carly i.e. the West Piano. Apart from one or two sticky notes, the piano was feeling fine. That piano is so resilient!
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For meetup #16, the marine layer was again prevalent. There were a few fleeting gaps in the fog, but otherwise the day was overcast but not too windy. And, once again, we had the good fortune at the hangout to meet some new friends as well as seeing some old ones again.
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The all-star of CMH #16 was Kyle on the double bass! It was great to see and hear him back at the hangout. The snap of the double bass makes for a nice snare drum vibe in lieu of an actual kit and we were grooving. Thanks for hanging out, Kyle.
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We also featured songs from Sina and from Neal. Taylor got in the mix and played a bit. We met Remko and Manon, visiting from The Netherlands. It’s always fun to have a little impromptu international jam session! We closed out the day with Nico, Dalton and Manuel jamming some tunes together. There was, however, a Canada goose who was lingering ominously throughout the day. He was just kind of standing around, looking at us…ominously.
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Throughout the day, plenty of folks stopping by to enjoy a song or two before continuing on their way. I really enjoy that aspect of the hangout; it’s the kind of thing that people stumble upon and then enjoy for a bit before continuing on with enjoying the park / exercising / whatever. The CMH is low-pressure, low-stakes, no-risk, all-reward!
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By the time the hangout wound down, it was nearly 4pm! Once again, together, we created 4+ hours of musical goodness. It’s amazing how the hours just melt away at the hangout. We’ll see you next on SUNDAY June 11th from 11am until at least 2pm.
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