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🎶 CMH #15 🎶

good times
Community Music Hangout #15 met on Saturday May 27th, 2023 at Carly i.e. the West Piano. We had missed the previous weekend because it was just too soupy out to want to uncover the piano. But we were back out in force for the 27th!.
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For the 15th gathering of the CMH, the marine layer was prevalent and sunshine was hard to find. However, when Diego, Angel, Will and I gave our best efforts at navigating a rendition of "Here Comes the Sun", we actually managed to manifest a few patches of blue sky overhead!
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It was nice to see Angel and Diego back at the piano again; it's always nice to see familiar faces at the hangout. Diego played really well! We hope to see him back at the piano again soon. And it was especially nice to see my friend Will and his crew stop by the piano on their bike ride through the park. We also had young master Camden take a turn on the keys!
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The all-star of the hangout was definitely Brian. He noticed that we were missing many of the other regulars and so he decided to stay and keep me company for a good bit longer than he might have otherwise. I really appreciated that! And it's just great playing tunes with Brian. This must have been his 4th or 5th time at the hangout and he and I are starting to develop a cool musical rapport! Exciting developments.
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We also met Mark and Abigail this week at the hangout. They biked up and, when asked if they sang or played, Mark replied enthusiastically, "We can sing!" I loved that energy! Hope to see you guys again soon. Plus, we had songs from Daniel, Justin and Nick as well! It's great when I ask a group of friends if anyone plays and the players are quiet but their friends point them out and goad them into playing. When people get off the fence and start making music instead, it's ALWAYS a good thing!
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All told, together, we created over 4 hours of musical joy. We saw familiar faces and we met new musical friends! I'm so happy with what we're creating here and I cant wait to do it again. Next up, we will see you on Saturday May 27th from 11 until at least 2!
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