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good times
Community Music Hangout #14 met on Sunday May 14th at Carly i.e. the West Piano. It was Mother's Day! We kicked off the day with three little tykes mashing away at the piano to the delight of some very happy moms. That's what it's all about! We love seeing kids get their first piano experience at the CMH.
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For the 14th gathering of the CMH, the weather at the piano was sunny and breezy. We were about a half a mile east of the fog meridian; it was beautiful where we were but cold and gray at the beach! The previous week had been dry and, as a result, Carly's upper register was again playable! Amazing resiliency.
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This time around, we saw a bunch of familiar faces! We had Rikki helping with the setup and teardown, thanks dear! We had Sage and Alice back again. We saw Leigh with young Camden and his ukulele. Great playing, Camden! We saw the adorable family of Susie, David, Orion, and Robin. We had Marilyn stop by on her walk and Brian stop by on his bike ride. Thank you all for stopping by! I hope to see you each of you again soon; it is wonderful to see people become regulars at the Hangout.
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Last week, we met Kyle at the Hangout and he said he would come back this week with his double bass. And--in the most exciting development of the week--he did! He played great and he stayed for hours. Thanks Kyle! The addition of the low end made for a really nice boost, especially on the Wood Brothers songs.
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This week we met Alissa who stopped to play some piano. Her bike helmet is fabulous and it matches my Community Music Hangout logo / sign! Love it. We also met Peter and Mattias this week. Peter played some fantastic piano pieces while Mattias grabbed the bass (thanks for sharing, Kyle. That's what the CMH is all about!)
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All told, together, we created over 4 hours of musical joy. We saw familiar faces and we met new musical friends! I'm so happy with what we're creating here and I cant wait to do it again. Next up, we will see you on Saturday May 20th from 11 until at least 2!
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