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Last time on Community Music Hangout

🎶 CMH #12 🎶

good times!
For the 12th Community Music Hangout, we met on April 29th at the west piano. This was the first foggy / gloomy Hangout of the year. But it was nice until the winds picked up.

Once again, the Hangout produced memorable musical moments! Ryan and family stopped by to kick off the day. Bringing your visiting family to the Music Hangout is an A+ move, Ryan!

Robert shared that he had always wanted to write music. And, so, he learned! He played for us a delightful tune that he wrote for his wife of many years. Learning to write music to better articulate the most profound love in your life! That's what it''s all about.

Andros hung around for a good while, and he even went to go grab his violin to add to the mix! We're big big fans of people bringing instruments to the Hangout!

And then, as is becoming tradition, right around the time we were packing up to leave, some interesting folks joined in and kept the vibes going a bit longer.

We had Cynthia lead us through a beautiful rendition of Edelweiss. We also had Dasha, Rikki, and Ifti singing along!
To follow that up, Ifti played "Just the Two of Us", and I added some sax!

Incidentally, this was the second time that someone played "Just the Two of Us" at CMH #12! I had never played that song before and then we played it twice. And, that has happened before with other songs. There's something to that...

Last but not least, with the afternoon's blustery chill setting in, we had Steve join in on guitar for a few numbers. All in all, it was another excellent day of music in Golden Gate Park.

We'll meet next on SUNDAY May 7th back at Carly i.e. The west piano, JFK @ Stow Lake Dr. good times! good times! good times! good times!
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