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🎶 CMH #11 Rewind🎶

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For the 11th Community Music Hangout, we met on April 22nd at the west piano. The energy was phenomenal!

Brett Benson brought his poetry-on-the-spot efforts to our spot. Between the poetry and the Cozy Cubs Puzzle Sheet, we're turning this into the Community Arts Hangout!

Sage and Alice hung out for three fantastic hours again today. Thanks, friends! Sage had a great idea for Brett to write a poem from the perspective of Rocket Man's wife. Then Brett read it as I played the appropriate tune behind it

Alex got the day started. Joe joined in on guitar. Patrick and Heidi paid us a visit. Rikki was back this week! And, Steve added some bass vocals to the mix, when he wasn't chasing around his joyful energetic little fella, Riley.

Matthew played spellbinding piano! Later, Sophia joined in to sing some hair-raising harmonies.

And, for the second week in a row, Micah showed up just as I was about to leave. So once again, we kept the vibe going for a bit longer.

It was a fabulous day filled with friendly faces new and old. Creative risks were taken and rewards reaped. See you next on Saturday April 29th, starting at 11am!
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